Software – information before download

Available Applications

There are four applications available from this site. To download them, the manuals, and associated files, go to the Download pages, but first read the information on these pages, which is important.

New users

You should download, install, and test the applications of interest to you before purchasing license code(s).

Trial period

ClickRepair and DeNoise have a 21 day trial period, after which license codes are required. They have separate licenses that are not interchangeable; be sure to purchase the appropriate license. DeNoiseLF is tied to DeNoise and shares its trial period and license. Equalizer is a free application and has no trial period.


To upgrade from an earlier version to the latest version currently on this site, simply download and install. The original license code will continue to work. For a history of updates, visit the pages for the individual applications and download the pdf documents which are linked there.

Java run-time is required

All my applications are written in a cross-platform language called "Java", and require a Java run-time environment for their use. This run-time is not provided by myself. Windows and Linux users obtain these run-times, free of cost, from third party suppliers. Mac OS X users should read the information specific to them.

Security issues

All users should read the important page about security issues.

Issues for Apple Users

Apple users should read this important notice, since versions 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion) of Mac OS X do not come with Java pre-installed; all versions of Mac OS X before that had Java pre-installed.

Trouble shooting

A very small number of users experience problems when trying to launch (run) my applications. Some helpful information is given in the Launch Problems page.

Specific information for the Applications

For specific information, follow the links below, after reading the general information above.

• ClickRepair

• DeNoise & DeNoiseLF

• Equalizer