PayPal Purchase

• Important: I do not have a license retrieval system. The first couple of uses after you enter the license code, the About Box will appear and prompt you for 10 seconds to print (and keep safe) the information. The About Box may be used in this way at any time, except after your computer has crashed, or been disposed of!

• Important: ClickRepair and DeNoise have separate licenses that are not interchangeable; be sure to purchase the appropriate license if you are ordering only one.

To purchase by PayPal email the following information:

• Your PayPal email address.

• Your name (for the license) – eg. John Smith (important - see note below).

• The license(s) required – eg. ClickRepair and/or DeNoise.

I will send a PayPal request for the correct amount and, once payment is received, I will issue license code(s) by email. Do not supply an email address which is blocked, otherwise the license code will not arrive.

• Cost:  For a single license, the cost is $A40 (about $US30 - $US32.)

Important: it is mandatory to have a user name of at least six characters - the license code is tied to this name. Preferred user name is your own name, eg. John Smith.