Downloads for Windows OS

The installer (an .exe file) is prepared using InnoSetup 5 by Jordan Russell. Shortcuts to the application and manual are installed in the Start->Programs system menu. I have tested the software under versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10. Because my applications are written in Java, which is a cross-platform language, this level of compatibility depends only on having an appropriate Java run-time installed. Information on this is available at Oracle's web-site.

Security messages

You should get messages from your security system asking whether or not to trust the installer, and the installed application(s). Be sure to read the security information on my site.

Licence information

I do not have a license retrieval system. The first couple of uses after you enter the license code, the About Box will appear and prompt you for 10 seconds to print (and keep safe) the information. The About Box may be used in this way at any time, except after your computer has crashed, or been disposed of!

Download Links