Software – download & license purchase


• The software is not sent, in physical or electronic form, by kagi or by anyone else. Download (from this site), then install and test, before purchasing a license.

• Do not assume that I can re-issue lost license codes. Use the About dialog to print the information and keep it in a safe place. Remember that the registered user name is paired with the license code – all information will be printed for you to keep safe.

• License information is saved using the standard Java preferences mechanisms. Some overly-tight security settings can prevent this from happening; this can only be remedied by the user. All other preferences will be similarly affected. 

License conditions

Software on this site is shareware or freeware, and is offered on the following conditions:

• Without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.
• For use only as permitted within applicable copyright law pertaining to the source material.
• For a single registered user for each license, but may be used on more than one computer.