User praise for Equalizer

 • Just downloaded version 1.6.1 of Equalizer with great pleasure. Compared to all other phase-accurate methods, it somehow gets RIAA in an audiophile-quality system exactly right: On 96/24 high-res sound files, direct from a moving-coil cartridge, imaging, front-to-back stereo depth illusion, and upper harmonics are all better than any EQ I have used, and I have searched far and wide. Thanks!
• Using Adobe Audition at 96kHz and 32bits floating-point depth, I made two files each of several LP test cuts, one for each RIAA method, your Equalizer and the [***] plugs. There was no question that the Equalizer results were sweeter, just as detailed and with authentic tonally, and had much better stereo imaging and depth. Only Equalizer managed to reproduce the elusive quality of sharing the same space as the performers -- the Holy Grail of golden-ears music reproduction. Also, there was a slight graininess to the plugs, and stereo imaging was not nearly so well-focused. I stopped using them, nice-looking square waves notwithstanding. Equalizer won big-time.
• I've just now seen your website. Great site and good explanations. I really love your batch equalizer, but I would love it as an AU and VST plugin. As you maybe know, I'm the manufacturer of the VADLYD MD12 MK3, formerly known as Elberg MD12, but now with more features.