User praise for ClickRepair

• My hat's off to you for a great program.
• I have bought both ClickRepair and DeNoise and they are both far and away the best things of their type on the market today. I have miles of old tapes and records, and it is a delight to clean them up with your software and transfer them to digital.
• Très bon logiciel. Indispensable pour récupérer nos vieux disques.
Stellar App! I did a demo of it for my friend who was engineer at Fantasy Records, also worked for ILM - he wished you application existed when he was still in the music biz!
• Bravo pour ce programme qui fait un boulot formidable sur mes vieux enregistrements.
• Simply the best pop and crackle remover available.
• Awesome program. Works incredibly well without losing qualitiy!
• Best tool I found. Great work, thanks from a High-Fidelity Fan.
• I am right now listening to a recording called magnificent brass. It's a fantastic early 60's Time record lead by a composer by the name of Fielding. It didn't sound bad on the LP. But what I'm listening to right now is spot free - no cracks or crackles. Amazing..
• I don't do this as frequently as I should, but I wanted to let you know what an outstanding product ClickRepair is! [...] Your improvements in reducing (eliminating?) false repairs on high treble passages is truly amazing! The best shareware program I have ever purchased! Keep up the great work. If there are improvements to be made I probably couldn't hear them.
• Thanks for writing Click Repair and for all your assistance. It's become a permanent fixture for my restoration projects. Have a great day and thanks again for all your help and the extensive online documentation.
• A few weeks ago I discovered clickrepair. since then I fixed a couple of old records. The results are stunning, clickrepair is definitely a great invention - repair locally instead of generally.
• Having tried several sound-reduction utilities for the Mac in recent years, I wanted to pass along my feedback that ClickRepair is by far the best, in terms of fixing click/pop type vinyl artifacts.
• I am a pro level [***] user and nothing in my plug-in toolbox (that cost thousands of dollars) would take away the crackle I had happening on a recent live multi-track recording I did.  I was very concerned as I was unable to clean up the tracks.  Your software worked wonders, with no artifacts.